Why Paul Davis must become the next governor of Kansas

Sam Brownback tried to kill me...
My story is just one of the many reasons Kansas needs Paul Davis as our next governor.

—testimonial and opinion by Finn M. Bullers,
special to the Working Journalist Press—
October 22, 2014

Finn Bullers tells his story to Kansas voters

Finn Bullers tells his personal story to Kansas voters why he believes it is essential to elect Paul Davis and Jill Docking, candidates for Kansas Governor and Lt. Governor.

Hello, fellow Kansans.

My name is Finn Bullers, a Prairie Village father of two, former Kansas City Star reporter, taxpayer and national disability civil rights' advocate

I'm no one particularly special, but I care about Kansas.

Our state is at a crossroads of extreme pessimistic self destruction and the hope provided by two common sense, across-the-aisle Kansans.

On Nov. 4 — plain and simple — Kansas must turn their backs on Gov. Sam Brownback and return heartland America to the moderate leadership of Paul Davis and Jill Docking.

Brownback has left our financial future in shambles with his myth-making math, three financial downgrades and Orwellian falsehoods.

The sun is not shining in Kansas. The ruination of Kansas education is not a "victory." Black is not white. Down is not up. And wrong is not right.

Brownback is mocking the majority moderates of Kansas — tarnishing like a rusted, late-model hubcap the state's luminary legacy of leadership under Dwight Eisenhower, Bob Dole, Nancy Kassebaum and Dennis Moore.

'He also tried to kill me.'

He also tried to kill me.

Now — with your help — the least I can do is to do onto others ... and work to kill Brownback's political aspirations.

On Jan. 1, 2013, Brownback turned 400,000 Kansans into lab rats in his grand, for-profit experiment of healthcare on the cheap.

Waving the KanCare banner, Brownback painted a bullseye on my back, claiming me to be a cheat trying to scam the system — the posterboy for Medicaid fraud and abuse in Kansas.

My only motive — continue breathing — in order to raisie my two children and help others unjustly targeted by "Kan'tCare".

Three of my doctors testified — in writing — that it was medically critical for me to receive full-time care — or, they said — in writing — I would die.

But Brownback and his cronies proved unrelenting, attempting to cut my full-time care by 76 percent — 3 out of every 4 hours of the day.

And if my fragile breathing tube was to come off? Air from the ventilator does not travel over my vocal cords, rendering me mute.

Brownback's response: Call 911 and SPEAK to a dispatcher.

For the record: The fastest EMT response time to my home is just under four minutes. My hold-your-breath record before I black out: Two minutes.

Yet another case of mixed-up Brownback math.

Finally, after heavy media scrutiny, Brownback buckled, retreated & reversed course. On Christmas Eve 2013 — my 24/7 care hours were restored. The state called it a "gift."

But I ask you, do we want fours more years of such Brownback gifts?

The Medicaid Expansion Gap

Medicaid expansion gap

And because Brownback refuses to expand Medicaid — Kansans have lost more than $350 million in federal aid this year*. That's money that could be saving lives. (1)

And not killing Kansans: Your mother. Your father. Your child. You.

A recent Harvard study published in a leading health journal shows that as few as 113 Kansans — and as many as 330 residents — will die this year because Sam Brownback refuses to expand Medicaid. (2)

— 124,048 more Kansans will be uninsured.

— 11,350 more Kansans will struggle with depression.

— 4,092 more Kansans will face catastrophic medical expenditures.

*$350 million is for the entire year of 2014. Full year refusal of Medicaid Expansion funding has been locked in by the Kansas Legislature since reversal of decision could not come before 2015 Legislative session.

A KU Medical Center study released in May concludes expanding Medicaid in Kansas would prevent cancer deaths. (3)

"There are some people who will die of cancer because we're not able to screen them," said KU's Dr. Edward Ellerbeck.

An American Cancer Society poll shows seven of 10 Kansans support expanding Medicaid. (4)

Yet it's clear many Kansans will live shortened lives as the direct result of Brownback's refusal to expand Medicaid.

Brownback's overriding agenda? Embarrass President Obama — and the Kansas incumbent is willing to kill scores of Kansans to do so. So answer with me, friends: Is the sun now shining in Kansas? — "No."

Paul Davis and Jill Docking, candidates for Kansas Governor and Lt. Governor

Paul Davis and Jill Docking, candidates for Kansas Governor and Lt. Governor

On Nov. 4, the clear and sunny choice: Moderates Davis and Docking.

Because they don't kill Kansans.

—Finn Bullers is a former reporter with The Kansas City Star and now is a national disability civil rights' advocate. You can reach him at 913-649-6693, or finn.bullers@aol.com.

Finn Bullers

Finn Bullers tells his story of how he was almost denied the care that keeps him alive after Brownback's privatization of the Kansas Medicaid program renamed 'KanCare'

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