About Working Journalist Press, LLC

We are an organization if IT professionals, journalists, researchers, and concerned citizens who believe that the fundamental need for factually accurate news and information is more critical than ever.

Curated, fact-based news organizations are rapidly disappearing, without much notice, thought, or resistance. They are being replaced with personal filter-bubbles, where content is selected for you by computers, based on your secretly gathered behavioral profile.

The goal of these media organizations is to keep you tuned into their site/station/channel for as long as possible in order to maximize their profit from ads served to your eyeballs and ears. People naturally are drawn to information that seems to confirm what they already believe. Information that challenges pre-existing bias is uncomfortable and often avoided. We hope to change these paridigms.

Principals and Guiding Philosophy

  • This site is a curated resource for anyone wishing to become informed on the news of the day.
  • We believe that an informed public is a fundamental precondition for the exercise of political democracy.
  • Factual reporting is also a major component of both political and economic democracy, without which the weak are easy prey for the powerful.
  • We believe it is long past time for a major update to privacy laws to address emergent technologies.
  • We believe that entrusting accurate reporting of the news to large corporate interests, acting in the interests of their profit-demanding investors, is likely to result in propaganda favorable to those interests.
  • We believe that entrusting the information technology that is becoming increasingly integral to our modern human existence, to large corporate interests that view individuals as both a potential market and a potential product to be sold, reduces the chance that our human privacy rights and civil rights will be respected. To many of these profit-driven entities, people are merely data points with different degrees of profit potential to exploit.
  • We support the development of alternative open-source information technologies built with privacy as a major design element by a community of independent developers who are not purely motivated by profit.
  • We believe that IT professionals working for business interests, including media companies, should always ask whether 'because we can' is as important as 'whether we should.'

Contact Information

Contact us via at info@WorkingJournalistPress.com

Contact us by phone at (913) 808-8673

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