Privacy Policy for Working Journalist Press, LLC

We don't track your personal use of this site...

We do however perform web analytics on the web traffic to this site using statistical non-personably identifiable data to help us understand how users utilize the pages of the site. This means we track things like number of unique visitors, percent of visitors that stay and view the content versus those that quickly leave, and popular pages versus low traffic pages, etc. This information helps us better organize the content for ease of use for future visitors.

We never track individual users in any manner that would make them personally identifiable to us or to any third party. We do not allow any third parties to use this site to plant tracking cookies, tracking beacons or any other tracking technologies on users' devices.

If you contact us and/or provide personally identifiable information to us, we will never disclose your personal information to any third parties. We consider your information to be your intellectual property. Unlike common industry practice today, our position is that your personal information belongs to you and is not ours simply because we are technically able to collect or aggregate it

Contact us at or contact us at (913)808-8673.

...because your info is YOUR info.

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